Dreamweaver 8 Help!

  TayWinchester 22:32 06 Jun 2006

I'm new to this whole site building thing but I recently got Dreamweaver 8 to edit a site. Now, I'm confused. I figured out how to build the website, I have all the different pages... But I don't know what to save it as, document types, recordsets, any of that. I basically need to know those to get it online.

Anyone who is willing to help, it would be great. I need a good walkthrough and someone who knows what they're talking about.

  AndySD 12:22 07 Jun 2006

If you are not using a database then the main pages save as html / htm abd the cascading style sheet as css. The first page must be called index.

  TayWinchester 03:24 08 Jun 2006

I already have a domain... I need more of a walkthrough.

  harristweed 17:23 08 Jun 2006

From the help pages....

Web-design novices
If you are relatively new to web design, this section will point you to sections of the Dreamweaver documentation that are most appropriate for your background.

For web-design novices:
Begin by reading the tutorials in Getting Started in Dreamweaver.
In Using Dreamweaver (Help > Using Dreamweaver), read Exploring the Workspace, Setting Up a Dreamweaver Site, Managing Your Files, and Creating and Opening Documents.
Learn about page layout by reading Laying Out Pages in Layout Mode.
To learn about formatting text and including images in your pages, read Inserting and Formatting Text and Inserting Images.
That’s all you really need to begin producing high-quality websites, but when you’re ready to learn how to use more advanced tools, you can proceed through the rest of the static-page chapters in Using Dreamweaver. You might want to wait to read the dynamic-page chapters until you’re more familiar with creating web pages.

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