karl2508 20:59 13 Oct 2004

whats peoples opion on dreamweaver, and where do people reccomend I buy it from?

  Jarvo 22:21 13 Oct 2004

Is excellent but I much prefer FrontPage 2003 which has just as much functionality but is a lot more user friendly. To be honest they both have their advantages and disadvantages depending what you wont to do with them, at the end of the day they are both just tools for creating web pages.

If you are new to web design I would probably go with FrontPage 2003 you will find it a lot easer to get started with and if you sign up for a 1 and 1(I can highly recommend them) M$ web hosting package at £60 for the year you will get it free.
Thats like buying it at half price and getting a years free web hosting.

If you already do a bit of web design and want to make the jump to DreamWeaver (which has become an industry standard application) then shop around, If you are a student they do a students version of studio MX (includes DW, Fireworks, Flash, ect)for about £200 - £240.

But before you decide just remember that spending up to £400 on DreamWeaver will not make you the best web designer in the world.


  Forum Editor 22:55 13 Oct 2004

DreamWeaver is an excellent program - superb in fact - but it isn't a magic wand. It has a fairly steep learning curve, and some people (particularly beginners) find it all a little daunting. FrontPage 2003 is well worth trying, for all the reasons given above, and more.

Once you get the hang of FP you might want to try DreamWeaver as well, and there's a little bonus.........all the sites that you create in DreamWeaver can be opened and edited in FrontPage 2003, and vice versa, so you can have the best of both worlds if you want to build a hybrid site.

Both programs are miles ahead of anything else in common use, so whichever you choose to start with you'll not be disappointed.

  Taran 23:42 13 Oct 2004

Dreamweaver is superb, but often overrated. As a program it achieved almost mystical, demi-god status and there was and still is a lot of junk circulating around along the lines of if you don't use Dreamweaver you are somehow not a 'proper' web designer. Notepad and the ability to use it is all you really need if you want to tough it out as a codeslinger, which more or less reaffirms the idea that the program in question is nowhere near as important as its user.

Dreamweaver has a relatively steep learning curve, it is highly flexible, feature rich and very, very capable. You could also apply that description to FrontPage or Adobe GoLive, and NetObjects Fusion to a lesser extent.

To get the best out of Dreamweaver you either have to be tenacious enough to stick with it and learn more or less as you go, or you need to have training/previous experience available to you.

Depending on which license version you want or are entitled to buy, you may find that you could get FrontPage 2003 and NetObjects Fusion 8 for the same cost or less. This obviously can become a serious factor when it comes to making decisions.

I like Dreamweaver and use it regularly; for a great many tasks I reach for other programs first though. No other WYSIWYG editor can rival FrontPage 2003 for its sheer overall power in data-driven sites and web applications and its features are often far more friendly than the counterparts in Dreamweaver.

At the end of the day, if you are prepared to put the time in, Dreamweaver can and will produce superb output. It won't do it for you though. Most professional web designers have Dreamweaver but few rely on it entirely.

Amazon often have some good prices for software, but Dreamweaver MX 2004 is currently listed at £354.99 or £176.99 for the upgrade from a previous version. About the least expensive option is to enrol on a web designing course at your local college. As a student you will be entitled to the Student license from Macromedia at a fraction of the cost of the standard license, but keep in mind that if you start using the application commercially there are additional charges.

The short version of the above is that it's good, but does not necessarily suit everyone or every task.

  steve263000 08:35 14 Oct 2004

I have tries dreamweaver, but could not make any sense of it at all. I used frontpage for my site, click here and that worked out well. I am trying to build a new site to replace it, and good out easy to use FP is there for me. If you already have frontpage, then click here will host your site for free if you put a very small advert on the site. That's all they are mind just a host. You will have to use a FTP such as click here to get it to the web.

  karl2508 19:24 14 Oct 2004

cheers lads (or lasses) for your thoughts

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