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  [DELETED] 09:11 01 Oct 2004

Hi all,

Just a quick question i hope...

I'm just starting to use dream weaver this week, (finally) and just wondering whether there's an option to embed fonts.

I use other development software that allows you to embed fonts into the project incase the end user may not have the fonts that you're using installed on his/her pc so they won't show propperly.

let me clarify that, not that most of you won't already know, but just incase...

Sometimes when you use certain fonts and the end user won't see the same font if he/she doesn't have it installed, and will just be substituted for the nearest font installed, which in most cases is nothing like the font you used.

Anyone know?

Thanks all..


  [DELETED] 16:18 01 Oct 2004

You can embed fonts using any WYSIWYG program. If you are asking about a point and click or menu option method then I can't say I've ever found one.

Some links for you:

click here

click here

click here

click here

Before you charge on ahead with it I can think of an awful lot of reasons why you shouldn't do it. Most of them are detailed in the articles in the above links, but I'd strongly suggest you go with a common font for the majority of your page content. Use image files if necessary for banners and whatnot, but the moment you get into font embedding everything can come unravelled pretty quickly. Most results work on IE and not on much else or vice versa - font embedding is interpretted completely differently by all the mainstream web browsers and, as such, controlling a consistent output on anything other than IE becomes irritatingly difficult.

  [DELETED] 16:59 01 Oct 2004

Thanks for that...

I use Macromedia Director mostly for my multimedia projects, which exports as executable files (.exe) and run cross platform.


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