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  smudje 21:39 17 Dec 2007

HI all, i am a little to say the least overwhelmed at the choices when it comes to the choices i have when it comes to buying a new pc. my current spec is

p4 duo 2.80GHz (2813 MHz)
Microsoft Windows Vista
gpu GeForce 7600 GS dx 10
ForceWare version: 169.12
Total available graphics memory: 1279 MB
Dedicated video memory: 512 MB
Bus: PCI Express x4

and it seems not very good

However i have about £1500 to spend on a new pc and rather than build it myself i have been looking at extreme gaming systems and am confused. i have read that the 8800 gt is better than the gts, although about half the price ???
to be honest i was just looking at a little advise as to what is a good spec system (have also been looking at the quad core 6850 i think)
basically i want to future proof my system and be able to play crysis. I have also been toying with adding the aegis card . sorry for the long post , all advise appreciated

  smudje 21:40 17 Dec 2007

also what is the best config with sli or crossfire ?

  RobCharles1981 21:45 17 Dec 2007

sli all the way here :-)

  smudje 21:46 17 Dec 2007

what cards are u using ?

  wjrt 21:49 17 Dec 2007

what is available at less than your budget so see what you can do better
click here

  smudje 21:58 17 Dec 2007

thanks for the links, should have stated that i dont need either a monitor or an os as these add to the price.

  Gamer555 22:01 17 Dec 2007

The new 8800gts 512mb, aka 8800gts rev 2, is slightly better than the 8800gt. The old 8800gts 320mb or 640mb is not as good as the 8800gt. I would go for the 8800gtX or wait until next year when the 9 series nvidia cards are released. Personally, I don't think SLI is very good at all. Not many, if any, games make use of this mode. You are better off buying ONE high-end card.

The quad core Extremes are immensly fast but HUGELY expensive. If you really want to spend that much money on one, (your looking at about £575) get one, but I would go for the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 and opt for the GO Stepping model. This can be overclocked well beyond the 3.0 ghz mark, which the QX6850 runs at! So basically for about quarter of the price you can get a CPU which is about as fast as an extreme QX6850. Mind you, again, early next year Intel are introducing the new Penryn processers which should be very very good.

click here - Processer

click here - Graphics Card

You need a good motherboard to 'look after' your components.

click here

^^^This is probably one of the best mobo's out at the moment.

  Devil Fish 22:11 17 Dec 2007

7600gs dx10 ?
you would need an 8000 series card for dx10 support

have a look at cougar extreme have not used them my self but have seen them mentioned a few time on the forums in a positive light

click here

you can spec up a pc and get a price

i can tell you you can get a system with your 6850 processor and a full fat 8800gtx and 2gig of ram for below your budget which will easily handle most games for the time being

  smudje 22:12 17 Dec 2007

Its always a waiting game though isn't it, money is burning hole in pocket :) lol

  smudje 22:18 17 Dec 2007

7600gs dx10 ?
you would need an 8000 series card for dx10 support
copied from system specs using nvidia control panel not sure how true it is

  Devil Fish 22:21 17 Dec 2007

vista is dx 10 but your present card only supports dx 9 so you wouldnt get the full effect from dx 10 games

my fault should have explained it better


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