The dreaded <>spoil my contacts

  SparkyJack 09:16 08 Mar 2011

For a reason unknown my contacts when clicked on to enter into an address line have a start and > end inserted- this prevents transmission because it is then a 'malformed' address and I have to carefully edit the line.
So far #I have examined every contact in the address book and deleted > where they appear- but when the address is selected there they are once more.
So I have where I can remember manually typed the address - but they still pop up whether or not this is because the system simply anticipates and inserts what I am attempting to type cleanly or some other factor I know not.
Other 'nasties' that can creep in are multiple "'s

How can all this nonsense be stopped

  QuizMan 09:35 08 Mar 2011

Which e-mail client are you using? It sounds like Outlook.

I am not sure if this is the answer, but in Outlook 2003 if you go to Tools>Options>Preferences>E-mail Options, towards the bottom is a box labeled "Prefix each line with" and has a > in there (greyed out in my case). It may not help in your case, but might be worth a look.

  SparkyJack 11:44 08 Mar 2011

This is Yahoo web mail.
My client of choice is Thunder bird- and here too I got the problem but then the corrupted addy's would all list one after the other at the top of the address book side bar - so were easy to avoid and eventually delete.

  mooly 07:47 09 Mar 2011

I use BTYahoo all the time so just tried putting a few contacts in and mine also appear as
contactsname <addressdotcom>;

and always have done.

If there is no persons name etc before the address then the above don't get added.

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