SANAP 20:25 17 Aug 2003

Got this dreaded unwanted download and now need to get rid of it totally but must admit I am lost. AVG found it but can't remove it. The instructions I have read on doxdesk are beyond me. I am using WIN98SE and need a step by step innstruction please.

  SANAP 22:25 17 Aug 2003

Ad aware is no good with this one and it is a bugger to get rid of to a non techie.


  SANAP 15:23 18 Aug 2003

I deleted what I could but no guarantee it has gone, it also got me a downloader.dyfuca and still not sure that ahs gone.


  rawprawn 16:17 18 Aug 2003

You can clear it out of the registry if Win98SE works the same as XP. You can try for nothing, go to Start/Run & type regedit make sure My Computer is highlighted click Edit then click Find, Type the exact name of the file you want to get rid of (EG Internet optimizer.exe) click Find Next. It should come up with your file & be highlighted. Delete that & ONLY THAT then click find next, & so on until it finds no more. Make a backup of your registry before you start in case of any mistakes, don't mess with anything else.

  rawprawn 16:21 18 Aug 2003

You can search for the downloader file that way as well. If you think you have downloder.dyfuca do the same exercise.

  rawprawn 17:09 18 Aug 2003

Well found

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