Dreaded Blue Screen

  rotate 09:58 03 Aug 2004

My daughters PC recently started getting the dreaded blue screen and then re-starting itself. After taking everything out as a process of elimination came to the conclusion it was the hard drive which was faulty. I have since replaced the hard drive for a brand new one and all seemed fine until I did a virus scan. It got so far and up popped the blue screen and it re-started. If I run the virus scan again (Sophos) then it will do it again but it is never in the same spot.
I then ran Spybot only to get the same problem, the blue error screen and it will re-start but again never in the same spot each time.
If the PC is just used for Internet/msn etc it is fine but looks like when putting the pressure on such as H/D scans something gives way.
The things I have changed are memory sticks/CPU cooler fan and installed a new hard drive. I have re-seated all PSU connections.
The system is MSI Micro motherboard PIII 866 MHz, 256 SDRAM, 40GB new Seagate hard drive, 300w PSU, Golden Orb CPU cooler. There is no case fan.
Running Windows XP Professional with SP1.
Unfortunately the blue screen does not stay there long enough to know what the exact error is but starts off by saying ‘If this is the first time you have seen this screen’ etc.
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

  temp003 10:08 03 Aug 2004

Overheating maybe?

To see the error logs, click Start, Run, type eventvwr.msc and press Enter. System log - double click the errors to read the information (may not be decipherable).

If you want to see the error message when it happens, right click My Computer, Properties, Advanced tab, Startup and Recovery, Settings. System Failure, untick "Automatically reboot", click OK. Next time it happens, the BSOD will stay.

  rotate 10:39 03 Aug 2004

Thanks for the suggestion will try when home from work tonight. Have acquired a case fan which I am also going to fit tonight.
Will let you know the results.

  rotate 07:42 05 Aug 2004

Have now installed case cooling fan and was then able to run Spybot and antivirus without the system crashing so I guess it was to do with something getting too hot. I might purchase a larger case for this PC as the one we are using at the moment for my daughters PC is an old Time case which is very small and cramped. So for now at least I will say the problem is resolved.
Thanks for your help.

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