Draytek router & network card problem

  Gaz 25 21:17 16 Jun 2004

Both router and cards are draytek - both running on G band.

However 1 of the cards aint conneting - swap it for another one and it works. This sorta indicates a fault with the card?

This card just has a flashing link light and a No link status.

What do I do? Purchased from Broadband Buyer.co.uk

its the vigor 2600G with Vigor 540 cards.


  johnsims 21:24 16 Jun 2004

Use the one that works and try to get an exchange from the supplier

  Gaz 25 21:31 16 Jun 2004

Yeh, dont quite know how to go about it with broadband buyer. They dont have an easy contact.

I've e-mailed them and will wait for reply, also dreytek.

They change a testing free at broadband buyer though. but its obvious that it aint work.

I am surfing now and it is running fine, its this other card it comes up with:

"Ther are more than one network, please click here to connect to one" or something. But there are no other networks in this area - its private premises and WiFi wouldnt reach that far.

And even when I do select the network to connect to, it aint connect to it. However ad-hoc works it seems to be infrastructure to the access point. All WPA keys are correct.


  johnsims 21:37 16 Jun 2004

If you've got a mind for some light reading, Netgear have some great articles about networking and wirelesss networking on their site. Something in there may just throw up a clue before you commit to a fee to broadband buyer. click here and go to the support section. I found some of it very useful.

  Gaz 25 21:38 16 Jun 2004

Slotted a card into each of laptops, after installing the drivers, each was detected and required a quick restart.

After this I configured each of the cards to my router. Added the WPA over TSKIP and all detected but this 1 laptop.

All the other laptops connected no problem, however I just changed a few more settings on the laptop and its link changed to green and then went off again. It now flickers, which it does if it has no link.

Placed another card in and it started to work straight away - I was surfing in secconds.

I thought this is odd, placed so called 'duff' card in another laptop - message saying "There are more than one wireless networks, please select which one you would like to connect to, click here for list of networks" So I did.... only 1 network - mine is listed, so it picks up the router. However when upon connecting it just wont. Not at all - after confirming WPA keys, still aint work.

Duff card?

  Gaz 25 21:43 16 Jun 2004

Both LEDs blinking alternately means "attempting to connect".

Exactly! But all data is correct and its only a few feet from router - other cards work. Im surfing on one now.

  johnsims 21:51 16 Jun 2004

So, to summarize. All laptops connect OK with all but the one card. Put seemingly duff card in previously connecting laptop and it won't connect.
I would agree, has to be a duff card, it is the only constant factor in not getting a connection.

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