Drawing problem with Excel 2007

  Red Ed 15:42 02 Sep 2008

I have an annoying problem with Excel 2007. When using its drawing features to create arrows and straight lines it refuses to draw them horizontal or vertical. They are always snap to a few degrees out. I have not switched on any snap to grid options (if they exist) and holding down either the Alt, Shift or Control key while rotating or editing the line has no effect. This happens even when the lines are away from other objects. It was fine in Excel 2003. Has anybody else got this problem and the answer to it? Thanks!

  Ditch999 18:20 02 Sep 2008

I dont have that problem but you mention "Snap to" and it does exist in Excel 2007.
If you click on the line/arrow to make circles appear at either end the Drawing Tools ribbon appears across the top. Go to Align in the Arrange box and click it. Make sure Snap to grid or Snap to shape is not selected.
The Shift Key should make it horizontal or vertical.

  Red Ed 18:38 02 Sep 2008

Thanks Ditch999 but I have checked and both Snap To options are not selected. The Shift button is not overriding its wish to snap to an angle.

  silverous 20:59 02 Sep 2008

From memory you can hold shift while drawing the line and it will only draw horizontal/vertical.

You can also I believe edit the format of the line and set its angle to be 0 or 90 degrees or whatever it needs to be.

Both suggestions are from memory as I don't have a pc in front of me to check.

  Covergirl 21:18 02 Sep 2008

Holding shift sets the line either vertical horizontal or 45 degrees depending on where the mouse pointer is.

Alt is interesting as it starts and terminates the line in the corner of the starting and ending cell.

Ctrl doesn't appear to do much; same as if nothing is pressed.

  polkadot 16:23 01 Oct 2008

Drawing lines in Excel 2007 is different than 2003; holding the shift button no longer makes the line horizontal. After reading numerous help items, I now click on the freeform shape, then click on the beginning point of the line, then move the cursor (without holding down a mouse button) to where I want the line to end, then double click again. The lines aren't perfectly horizontal, but at least they don't go wildly all over the place. If anyone else has a better solution, I'd love to hear it. This is a horrible change from Excel 2003!

  Picklefactory 16:29 01 Oct 2008

"Drawing lines in Excel 2007 is different than 2003; holding the shift button no longer makes the line horizontal."

I wonder if there is a setting somewhere, as I'm using Excel 2007 now, and holding shift key IS setting lines/arrows horizontal etc. Just tried it with no problem at all.

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