Drawing Package

  zed650 19:21 21 Dec 2003

I do site surveys of buildings of various sizes and uses and when I come to report the findings to the client we generally provide a sketch, which is drawn in Word. This is quick, easy and convenient but I think I’ve quickly come to it’s limitations.

I have the use of AutoCAD lt 2000, but for most of my projects this is just overkill by miles and the majority of clients at the moment can’t supply drawings in that format for me to mark up.

Is there a suitable drawing package that could suffice my needs, somewhere between word and a full CAD package to produce floor plans on a template fairly intuitively?

Many thanks.

  BrianW 19:41 21 Dec 2003

or something like the Serif Draw Plus programmes.
I have seen some good work done on Excel (to my suprise) but not too sure how. Certainly I have done some simple layouts using the DrawPlus type progs.


  y_not 21:43 21 Dec 2003

You could try something like click here , I used this for the plans for an extension to my house about three years back (and I have no experience of CAD programmes) - my copy came free from when I ordered some other software and proved quite useful.

At the link there is an option to download a trial version

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