Drawing with alaptop touch pad and paint.net

  keora 05:34 19 Jan 2018

I've transferred some location plans to paint.net. I drew the lines on paper, scanned the drawing, and loaded the .jpg file as a background layer in paint.net. I then added text (place names, street names) as layers above the background. The overall effect is good.

I want to draw extra plans directly into paint.net. I'm using a samsung laptop with a touch pad. Drawing with a touch pad isn't precise, as I have to draw with the end of a finger.

Please would you let me know if there is a better way of drawing using paint.net? What extra equipment would I need?

( I've considered buying a Wacom drawing tablet and pen. I've been told that I have to draw using the programs available on the tablet and transfer them back to paint.net on my laptop. It seems a complicated method. I'd rather continue with paint.net on my laptop rather than spending time learning a different drawing system on a separate device)

  hastelloy 09:24 19 Jan 2018

Why not get an ordinary mouse?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:32 19 Jan 2018

I have to draw with the end of a finger.

Have you tried using a stylus? The sort you get for phones might work - a quid from the pound shop - worth a try.

  keora 11:33 19 Jan 2018

Thanks, I'll look more closely at buying a mouse.

I've tried a stylus, £3 from pcworld with a soft rubber hemisphere at the end. It doesn't register on my laptop, but it does on a tablet.

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