This is dragging on a bit............

  Forum Editor 00:36 06 Jan 2005

I've allowed the thread to run thus far because you've been getting excellent advice and assistance, but it's time for me to voice a slight concern.

You're a fairly active forum member BIG Ben strikes 10 again!, and although I'm delighted to see how interested you are in most aspects of computing I am conscious of the fact that you're fourteen - an ideal age to be developing your computer skills, but a little young to be entering into binding contracts without a full understanding of what's going on.

Perhaps it's time for you to pause and think this through properly. Heed the advice that you've been given - particularly with regard to the desirability of being with a web host that can deliver. It's pretty plain to me that this 'Tony' person isn't capable of providing you with a proper service, and I would be failing in my duty if I didn't endorse what Taran has already suggested - cut your losses and go elsewhere.

Finally - and I've emailed you separately about this - please don't try to resolve problems with another forum member via email unless you receive a specific request to do so, that's not what the forum is all about.

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