Drag and drop website builder application that doesn't disable you from being able to edit the code

  Jwbjnwolf 07:40 29 Dec 2014

Hi all. I would like to ask for some help on finding a WYSIWYG website editing application that also allows full access to edit the code.

Ever since 2011 I've been using Weebly to create websites and I love how that Weebly allows me to create beautiful looking websites, with the ability to edit the HTML, CSS throughout.

I'm looking for an easy to use WYSIWYG application that doesn't require coding skill, but doesn't stop stop you from being able to edit the full HTML/CSS freely as I want to escape the limitations Weebly has (brief explanation at the end)

I first came across 90 Second Website Builder, and although it allows editing of the HTML code, it doesn't allow you to freely, like as in anywhere in the page. I then came across their mac varient Drag and Drop Site Builder, but again same thing. I then came across Freeway Pro, absolutely brilliant application, exactly what I want except that it still doesn't allow you to edit the HTML/CSS freely. I've tried multiple Mac applications but none seem to have the simplicity as Freeway Pro and I just kept going back to Freeway. I just wish Freeway allowed me to fully edit the HTML. I just can't stand the thought of not having any access to the full html within the application whatsoever.

I'm not a coder, have no clue how to code, otherwise I certainly wouldn't be bothering with applications like this. But it's still easier at times to achieve something by editing a single line of code, such as making a background image be full size and scale with the browser rather than tiling. Such a simple task and code to edit, and Freeway and 90 Second etc make it pretty much impossible because you can only add new code, can't replace/edit existing code.

Is there any application out there, Windows or Mac (would much prefer Mac though) that gives a full easy wysiwyg editor like 90 second website builder and Freeway Pro, but don't compromise your ability to edit the coding? Both Freeway and 90 Second allow you to view but not edit. I think it's just plain ridiculous that they disable you from that. What's the point? Weebly, Tumblr, they both have it and they are both web builders built for day to day non tech code savy users like 90 second and Freeway both are, but still include that ability.

Last January I decided to buy 3 domains for the three websites I was doing. But what I've decided to do, instead of having them as three totally separate sites, have them as different sections of one site, all having a subdomain each. The issue with Weebly is that you can't use subdomains for specific parts of the same site, so you have to create multiple sites identical and obviously as time goes on, that is by far not ideal, especially when I'm using footers and everything that are premium features and you have to upgrade sites individually. This is why I want to switch away so I have more freedom on how I make my sites and everything, but losing the ability to edit the HTML/CSS, that's not freedom.

Thanks for any help guys Jase

P.s: Not been on the forum for ages and last time I was here there was the web design forum. What happened to that?

  Jwbjnwolf 07:44 29 Dec 2014

Also something I forgot to include, blogging. Is there any that also allow you to create a blog?

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