dr watson postmortem debugger

  simon-238946 11:38 05 Feb 2005

my pc froze up earlier today and i got this error message i dont know what dr watson posmortem debugger is is it spyware? harmful? any advice will be grateful thanks

  VoG II 11:44 05 Feb 2005

Windows debugger click here

  fpg 17:51 12 Apr 2005

That link to MS tells you what Dr Watson Debuggger is when it is legit. But the question is about a very nasty virus that uses Dr Watson to disable the PC. I have been trying for 3 days to shift it. Have used Adaware. HJT, Spy Sweeper and others without success. I even disabled Dr watson in the Registry. PC can operate in Safe Mode but this is limited. An solutions welcome. Soon there will be 1000's of victims

  VoG II 17:53 12 Apr 2005

Name of the virus please?

  fpg 17:57 12 Apr 2005

It may also be linked with SP2 but reluctant to remove this yet. It is one of those problems which after 3 days you realise that a complete re-install would have been the best action to take. But you don't know this at the start.

  fpg 18:04 12 Apr 2005

Thanks for response VoG - It is a bit like a policeman asking the victim " what is the burglar's name?"

It may be The Acebot Trojan Virus but I do not know what this means.

  fpg 18:11 12 Apr 2005

I read somewhere on the Net that this virus is adware, spyware, and a downloader all in one descibed as a trifecta pyramid of doom.

  TOPCAT® 18:15 12 Apr 2005
  fpg 18:27 12 Apr 2005

Tried the removal instructions but no search trace of the file mentioned . Noticed that this was a 2002 problem. I have full view of all files ( none hidden)

  fpg 09:21 13 Apr 2005

Removed SP2 and can now access Windows icons on desktop. Now running all the anti virus /spyware programs again before trying to put SP2 in.

  Yoda Knight 09:36 13 Apr 2005

Its always better to ty these fixes in safe mode

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