Dr TCP Settings?

  numskull 12:29 11 Oct 2004

I am running XP Pro. Just aquired a netgear 834 router. I have recently upgraded to Pipex 1.1mb DSL service. I see that the router is detecting an MTU of 1458
Can anyone tell me, in simple terms what the rest of the settings should be?
i.e. RWIN etc.


  Dipso 12:47 11 Oct 2004

I have a MTU of 1478. RWIN is supposed to ideally be a multiple of MSS (which is MTU-40). To get my RWIN I used MSS 1438 and multiplied this by 12 to get an RWIN figure of 17256. This was for half meg.

Whe I upgraded to 1 MEG I doubled the RWIN figure (so is now MSS x 24) to get 34512. I now get exactly twice the speeds I was getting before.

Try running a tweak test from click here and then have a look at click here

If your MTU is 1458 then MSS is 1418 so experiment using multiples of that.

  Dipso 12:53 11 Oct 2004
  dave_the_red 13:35 11 Oct 2004

I recently downloaded this program and tried to tweak my settings and ended up with a very slow connection. Also tried tweakmaster but that didnt help either. So I went back to windows defaults and my connection went a lot quicker than with the tweaks applied.

Make sure you can get back to defaults if you start changing things.


  Wak 16:33 11 Oct 2004

You could also try Cybertweak from click here

  numskull 16:48 11 Oct 2004

I'm still confused! Thanks for all the suggestions so far but each one seems to give different results.
If I use the formula then the tweak test tells me to set it between xxx - 26942. The formula results in too high a number.

  numskull 20:45 11 Oct 2004

I have just read that you cannot set RWIN with an ethernet router. Is this true?

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