Dr Speedtouch

  gannite 14:04 05 Sep 2008

my modem is the Speedtouch 330, when i run Dr Speedtouch to obtain my line stats it say`s device not found.I have the latest drivers for my modem installed. Any help most apreciated

  skidzy 14:34 05 Sep 2008

For what its worth gannite,ive seen several Speedtouch 330's and i use to use them myself...and the Dr Speedtouch has never worked correctly.

When you select test connection (or similar) from memory i think it was a 3 or 4 step procedure...it would never complete.

Though i found the ST 330 very reliable,you cannot beat an ethernet connection and router.

  Condom 14:57 05 Sep 2008

I also use the 330 but have no problems now with what I suppose you mean to be the USB Diagnostics (PPP) tool. I did have some problems before because I installed an updated Driver which turns out was only for the French market and not the UK. The current UK driver is I believe version 301.0.012. If it works OK I wouldn't worry too much about the stats as the info is a bit suspect anyway.

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