Dr fone (wondershare) how to get rid of it

  sleepy03 15:09 18 May 2019

Hi. I may have been a bit stupid, but in an attempt to retrieve a lost contact from my mobile i downloaded something called dr fone (wondershare). It didnt work. But, on trying to remove this app from my windows 10 pc i'm finding its not showing up in the add/remove programs or even in ccleaner. If i try to manually delete it i get a 'this program is being used by other software'. Task manager is showing this in processes after startup and all i can do is end it and other associated processes that ive found. I am currently scanning the pc with Spybot Search and destroy to see what that gives me, i'll be scanning with norton after.

If its not a threat that its not such an issue, however i would like it gone and would appreciate any advice on how to remove this unwanted program. I knew better than to d/l this but in a state of agitation I didnt think it through, a lesson learned.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:33 18 May 2019

click here try step 3

  KEITH 1955 16:27 18 May 2019

take another look at add/remove , on right hand side is related setting , click programs and features tab underneath.

it will show installed programs in the way featured in older windows op systems , the reason I tell you to do this is because windows 10 add/remove list does not always show everything on your pc it sometimes misses things.

  KEITH 1955 16:30 18 May 2019

extra info ……… try using antimalwarebytes

Have you used malwarebytes before. The reason I ask this is because you may not be fully aware of how Malwarebytes works. Infections of any kind can be made up of many segments , if you clicked on anything it found before quarantining and deleting you might have seen it say something like joe bloggs pup 5 , this means that joe bloggs pup is made up of 5 segments. This is the important bit.... Malwarebytes is one of the best programs around but it cant always get rid of all segments of something on the first scan/quarantine/delete. You must do repeated scans till it finds nothing. Also try adwcleaner by the same company

  x13 16:57 18 May 2019

Use GEEK UNINSTALLER . Stop the services first then disable it in start-up in task manager. Reboot then force an uninstall via Geek. During the uninstall if it asks for a reboot cancel it. Geek will then remove all the leftover entries including in the registry.

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