DP connection not working properly

  Rostislav Kaleta 16:50 31 May 2017

Hello, I have ultrawide freesync LG monitor and amd r9 280. Monitor has hdmi and dp port, gpu has hdmi and mini dp port. I am trying to connect them using mini dp to dp reduction and display port cable. If I do that, pc detects a new screen (radeon settings and windows screen settings), but there is no input - all i can see is black screen. When I use special function that my monitor has PBP I can split the monitor screen and use two inputs - one on the left and second on the right. When I use this, split monitor in two, set one of the sides to have dp input and other one hdmi, it works - I get my screen input from my gpu at the dp side. So the real question is, why i cannot use the display port normally without any PBP (spliting screen on two is pointless) ? Is there something that I am missing? Here are few screens (splitted desktop, reduction and PBP settings): click here

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