Download/Upload telephone wires

  Wrinkly70 13:46 14 May 2010

can anyone tell me which telephone wires carry the Broadband signals

  BurrWalnut 14:02 14 May 2010

The two that come into the house.

Unless you have a very old telephone that needs a bell wire, all the others are superfluous.

  Wrinkly70 14:24 14 May 2010

Thank you Burr Walnut.
Two wires yes, but which carries the download and which the upload.
Box has just been renewed by Engineer. Result, upload doubled, down load halved.

  BurrWalnut 18:14 14 May 2010

The two wires use connectors 2 and 5 and this must be maintained throughout the house.

The colours can vary, e.g. blue, green, white, etc. but the same colour must be used for terminal 2, equally, a different (but same) colour must be used on terminal 5.

  onthelimit 11:58 15 May 2010

There are only two wires involeed - they transmit signals in both directions. Uploads are typically far less than downloads. The speed varies enormously throughout the day depending on the number of people on line from your local exchange (called contention).

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