Download/transfer digital pics from camera

  trooper74 19:00 23 Nov 2008

I am using Windows XP and have used my daughter's
Samsung S760 diital camera and taken some shots.
There is a USB connector supplied and I have connected this from the USB port at the side on the PC to the camera but nothing happens. It doesn't seem to connected to the PC.

  Clapton is God 19:06 23 Nov 2008

Most digital cameras come supplied with a CD to allow you to load the necessary software onto the PC in order to download pictures.

Didn't yours?

  tonyq 19:11 23 Nov 2008

I've found that the best way of downloading photos from camera to computer is to use the media card (probably S.D. Card)in the camera,by means of a card reader. Your computer may already have an internal card reader.Then find the card in "My Computer". This way there is no need to install any of the cameras software that would be supplied with the camera.

  tonyq 19:14 23 Nov 2008

sorry forgot to say that doing it this way also saves your cameras battery.

  MAJ 19:24 23 Nov 2008

You can download the manual for the camera if you click here (bottom of the page). Go to page 82 and it will show you what to do.

  Totally-braindead 21:20 23 Nov 2008

Might be a silly question but after you plug it into the PC - do you then switch the camera on?

  trooper74 15:07 01 Dec 2008

Thanks for your help. The camera was switched on but thank you. I've downloaded the manual and I am going to find out if there is a card reader in the computer. I still have trouble having transferred the pics to My Documents, with some confusion I may add,copying them to email.
Thanks again

  peter99co 15:18 01 Dec 2008

Create a folder or find a folder called MY Pictures.

Create a new folder each time you add pictures or keep the photos in folder by Title/Type etc.

Choose right click on photo and send to E mail.

  peter99co 15:20 01 Dec 2008

Keep all the folders for photos in the My Pictures folder. Easy then to find them.

  peter99co 15:23 01 Dec 2008

Your Camera CD may have a software Program to allow you to edit and print your photos. It is worth looking and installing this. If you don't use or need it it can be uninstalled.

  Poitier 13:39 07 Dec 2008

Have just checked my manual (different camera).It says that the installation of the usb driver is not necessary if you are running Windows XP. I suggest that you test the usb port with another device and then check the lead.I have had a faulty lead in the past.

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