Downloads-where should i put them ?

  dagbladet 19:08 25 Aug 2003

What with anti-viruses, firewall and spyware checkers and the like, I've been doing a fair bit of downloading recently.My machine automatically choses to send them to "my documents". I would appreciate any views as to wether they should be going somewhere else, or does it not really matter ?

  bremner 19:11 25 Aug 2003

I can't see that it matters where you put them - but it is essential that like all important data you back it up.

  powerless 19:12 25 Aug 2003

Does not matter.

Anywhere will do.

When you download the files you can change where they will be downlaoded to.

You could create a folder named "Downloads" send them' all to that folder.

  dagbladet 19:24 25 Aug 2003

No Pops, thats a valid question. I (usually) do install them, but when i go into "my documents" its absolutelly massive. Apart from Windows and stuff that automatically loads,everything is in there. I really don't know any other part of my hard drive except "my documents"

  Legolas 20:00 25 Aug 2003

I download to my desktop then after I have installed the software I put the download into a folder I have created imaginatively called 'downloads' and the program icon I put into another folder I created again imaginatively called 'programmes' both folders have been created on my desktop. This way I can keep my desktop tidy and I know where everything is.

  dagbladet 20:01 25 Aug 2003

Right I'll just download that to.......
but seriously, nice one. I see what you mean as well about binning them once they are downloaded. I'm one of those people who keep everything just in case.

  dagbladet 20:25 25 Aug 2003

K implant. I'm definately getting the message about a download folder. Can you tell me where you keep the folder. Also (bear with me, i'm new)You say "once you've checked it". Do you mean virus checked it ? how ? I've got Norton switched on, and i assumed (perhaps foolishly) that it automatically checks stuff as it comes in. ooh eck, am I supposed to run a scan or something ?

  Audeal 20:48 25 Aug 2003

I have two folders on my 'C' drive. One I call "Downloads" and the other one I call "Unzipped". When I download a file from the Internet I download it to "Downloads" (surprised?). If the resulting file is a zip file I then unzip it into the folder called "Unzipped" (surprise, surprise) and then install it from there.

When all is finished, I then clear out the "Zipped" folder, ( ready for the next download, ). I then copy the Downloaded file onto a Zip Disk and save another copy onto an external Hard drive. I then have two copies to fall back on. I then delete the original.

When this is complete, I then go to the programs website and copy the web address into a notepad file so that, should I loose the file, I will still have the web address to recover the program or even upgrade it.

By the way, I am now on my 7th Zip Disk, so that is 700 MB of downloaded files. Very useful stuff.

  hugh-265156 08:30 26 Aug 2003

try this click here forget about the claims that it will speed up your connection,it doesnt but will create a folder called download where all downloads are can set it up to auto scan the download with your AV once completed.quite handy and its can go back to normal download methods again if you want by unticking the file/options/enable browser integration box.

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