pejay9 23:58 10 Mar 2007

I have just downloaded updates to nero6, although it seemed successful (but long winded on dial up)I have had problems when running nero. Ater a short time an error occurred which did not allow me to continue with nero, and finally turn the computer off from the start menue because of messages about ending programs which could not be found or stopped. All this only ocurred after attempting to run nero. after numreous attempts to resolve I recalled altering the the user account name since having the origanal nero installed, I alterd the user name back and reinstalled from the icon (see below). The problem seems to have disapeared, is it possible this was the cause or can I still expect problems. I was unable to do a restore as no alterations were detected.
Secondly I have 2 nero icons on the desktop, one behaving as a normal shortcut, the other when clicked goes into the full installation programme. The properties indicate this is a full programme located on desktop, can this icon and its contents be moved off the desktop to stop accidental clicking and then deleted if my problems fully disapear? At present I do not feel confident enough to take these actions without confirmation.

  recap 11:17 11 Mar 2007

Some times when a user name is changed some of the properties are lost.

If you downloaded and saved Nero to the desktop and not 'Start/Programs' menu, then I would suggest that the program stay on the desktop, or you may lose its functionality.

For information, once you are happy with the way your system is running after you have resolved this problem, may I recommend that you create a restore point?

  Ho-Lin-Sok 21:57 11 Mar 2007

When you download a programme using "save" it saves the download. You have now installed Nero from this I take it and as you are on dial up you do not want to dump it because of the download time. You can leave it where it is or create a folder on your it "downloads" or something, or burn it to a CD

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