Downloading YouTube via Real Player

  Yimbo 11:18 17 Jun 2014

I've always been able to download music etc using Real Player Plus, but recently I find that RP tells me "unable to download this file".

Any ideas as to what might be causing this? I have Windows 8.1

  BRYNIT 13:00 17 Jun 2014

Some files due to copywrite are blocked from being downloaded it does not matter what program you use.

  wee eddie 14:39 17 Jun 2014

Real Player have migrated this service to their Cloud Based Version.

However I use YTD Video Downloader and have done for years even before it changed it's name. Beware the offer of Chrome from that Download Site, otherwise its completely free.

  Yimbo 15:47 17 Jun 2014

BRYNIT - - I take the point re copyright - but I'm not trying to download any different music etc than before. I used to get the "unable to download" message very occasionally, but now it seems pretty well all the time.

wee eddie - - I'll have a go with the downloader you have been using - - though it's the Cloud based version of RP that I have.

Thanks for the input folks!

  wee eddie 15:58 17 Jun 2014

In which case, Google is your friend

  BRYNIT 17:37 17 Jun 2014

Yimbo I realise that you may not be downloading "any different music etc than before" but some may be, without your knowledge have a copywrite. The people that upload to places like Youtub can and sometimes do prevent the video etc from being downloaded by other people.

  Yimbo 21:32 17 Jun 2014

Thanks folks - - I appreciate all your comments!

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