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  geoff47 18:38 13 Aug 2009

I have a website that my son in law has optimised for me.I want to make changes but not loose his optimisation.
I am using NetObjects so when making any changes to upload it defaults to changed objects only, so it would wipe out any changes on the server.
I would like to download the optimised site make the changes then upload the revised site.
Can anybody tell me how I should approach this ?

Hope this makes sense, I am not up to speed with the technical terminology

  geoff47 22:04 13 Aug 2009

I have tried to do just that, File-New Site-From Existing Site, and it just is not what I was expecting to see, just a site from a template, nothing like the actual site.

  geoff47 22:17 13 Aug 2009

The content reads

"If you can see this, it means that the installation of the Apache web server software on this system was successful. You may now add content to this directory and replace this page."

And more, but not the site I uploaded

  geoff47 12:15 14 Aug 2009

I have tried with FileZilla, and also via NetObjects itself.
Using Netobjects using an existing site is an option, but I only get some of the site to show up.
With FileZilla I get even more lost,it shows in IE, but I don't seem to be able to get it back into Netobjects.

  geoff47 21:20 14 Aug 2009

As you might understand I am not very clever in the SEO department. My son in law is, and he altered bits and pieces plus installed a statcounter.
In the mean time I inadvertently edited the site and the way Netobjects works, I believe I wiped out his good work, since then he has redone what he did originally, but I need to edit again, and for future reference I would like to be able to add to the content, without erasing the stuff I am unable to do myself (and have to keep asking favours)

I don't know what the son in law used to be honest, he is an IT professional, but I feel uneasy getting him to re-do what he offered to do and I buggered up.....again.He is at one end of the country I at the other.
I have been getting better results with what is downloaded, I did try to download the whole site, perhaps I should download a page at a time and edit that, would be easier in the long run.

  geoff47 13:14 15 Aug 2009

I will experiment with my other site before trying anything with the site that matters.
Im sure I can work something out so that I can alter without obliterating the son in laws good work.

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