Downloading video played in IE

  shades_k 00:38 17 Mar 2006


I used to have a utility/plugin that when you would watch a movie inside of Internet Explorer....say in a windows media player. That if i were to mouse over it, then a disk icon would appear on the upper left corner of the media player...where i could click and save the video to my hard drive.

do any of you know what program this was because it got uninstalled by accident and cannot remember what it was. or do you know a program similar in features to achieve the same result?


  ACOLYTE 02:03 17 Mar 2006

Maybe this? click here

  shades_k 02:49 17 Mar 2006

no thats not it....and dosn't do what i'd like....

if there is say a video that is playing on an embedded windows media player in IE....i wanna beable to right-click it and click save or click the little icon to save it....instead of having to open up a program first and blah blah blah

thanks though

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