downloading using Win XP pro

  Tree3 19:25 12 Jan 2004

i am downloading the Win XP SP1a and my intrernet connection stops after 2 hours and the download wont fininshed with in that time i wondered if when i reconnect it starts again

  TommyRed 19:49 12 Jan 2004

I don't know, but you could install a download manager with a 'resume' function like Star click here choose pro at $9.95 or the free version. HTH TR

  Big Elf 20:09 12 Jan 2004

You used to be able order it on CD. I'll try and track it down.

  bretsky 20:15 12 Jan 2004

I think your on a hiding to nothing trying to download it from from the internet, it's nearly a 4 hour download,(56k modem)for the winxp sp1 home ed.

I got mine from a DVD which a colleague at work lent me. He got it from, dare I say it"PC Pro" magazine.

I,m sure there are pc outlets or even Microsoft uk that will sell it on a cd rom.

Good luck..............bretsky;)0

  Big Elf 20:18 12 Jan 2004

They don't make it easy do they. I can't find the download area anymore. If someone can tell me whether I can burn a copy of my XP SP1 CD and send it to Tree3 with breaching the EULA etc. please let me know?

Tree3 - If you live in the US or Canada it's a doddle click here

  dfghjkl 20:20 12 Jan 2004

i belive it will restart your download,but i dont know from expirience,i read it here on this can get it on disc with some of the xp mags (official and unofficial ones)you can also order the disc from m/soft it is on the info page somewhere,previous posts should give you more clues

  Big Elf 20:28 12 Jan 2004

Found it click here

  Tree3 20:49 12 Jan 2004

for the professional version and i live in the uk

  Big Elf 20:57 12 Jan 2004

It says it's same one for Home and Pro.

  Tree3 21:08 12 Jan 2004

i ordered the cd

  Big Elf 21:13 12 Jan 2004

I'd still be interested in an answer to the question I posted at 20:18

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