Downloading stuff through a wireless connection

  clo2_clo 12:23 20 Feb 2006

hi both me n my boyfriend run wireless internet connections, and we both have trouble when we want to download music etc using programs like iMesh and limewire.
We run a search for a song and nothing appears it just keeps searching.

Any idea why this is happening and how to sort it?

  Danoh 13:08 20 Feb 2006

I got it in the neck from my son, when I changed my Firewall settings to prevent other computers' incoming comms via Limewire, which created the same effect as you have described.

By creating a new drive partition for his music downloads via Limewire (a vain attempt at some security! :-), and allowing all access via Limewire to that partition only, the problem went away.

Would suggest that you check out your firewall settings as a consequence.

But would also advise very strongly, that you consider setting up a separate partition for your downloads, as peer-to-peer services such as these are prime targets for internet ne'r-do-wells.

  clo2_clo 13:11 20 Feb 2006

hey u talk about a partition.... is that a drive partiton? i dont have a clue... lol sry for being thick but can u explain in steps how i can do that please?

  Danoh 14:37 20 Feb 2006

No worries ~ thats what we are here for :-)

2 things; Firewall settings and separate drive partition.

1) Which firewall do you use?
Norton firewall settings has a section called "Programs". My son's profile includes LimeWire as being given full access.
The easiest way is for you to find the equivalent section in your Firewall products settings. Delete the entry for Limewire. Then reboot your PC. After that, start Limewire up and say "yes" to all requests for Limewire internet access.

That is the simplest way to regain full access.

2) Separate drive partition.

This is more complicated, but if you already have a data partition separate from your main one (C:), it can suffice for now.
Create a new folder in your separate drive partition (D:?) just for your downloaded music. Move all your existing Limewire mp3s to that new folder. I think Limewire can automatically find that new folder but I set limewire up manually, to only access that drive partition.

If you don't already have a drive partition separate from C:, its more tortuous to re-partition your single hard drive into separate partitions.

If the above has already started to give you headaches just reading it, consider getting an external harddrive with a USB cable connection. Much simpler to setup, plus gives you extra benefit of data backups.

You can easily partition that external hard drive using XP's existing functions which we can elaborate on.

Post back if you have not got a headache yet and want to know more :-)

  clo2_clo 00:15 21 Feb 2006

thank u very much for ur help

  Danoh 08:46 21 Feb 2006

I do hope my explanations are good enough and not too flippant ~ do post back if not.

Kindest regards.

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