Downloading software advice required from expert

  Laster 04:31 13 Jun 2017

I want to download music from a website but problem the list is so long and I have to click on every link myself then it takes me on next download page and then I have to click to download track from there and download start and this process repeats for every sound track. Can anyone help me to find a software which can do this automatically. One thing which I have figured out website only allow one connection at a time and during the downloading u can't even open next link. Here is link for website with the example of list of links. Kindly guide me

  Archonar 10:43 13 Jun 2017

Unless you are checking that all of the music has been released on a copyright free basis by the artists, downloading free songs from websites such as this breaks copyright law. Therefore I don't think we should be providing advice on this. Buy the songs legally and you will have a much better download experience and will not be breaking the law.

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