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  brinee 15:05 21 Jul 2006


First of all can I say that I normally have no problems at all, I can basically download anything from any file sharing site EXCEPT this one particular YAHOO group. I'm a member of several groups within YAHOO and have no problems with any of the others.

I've checked everything I can think of, my system is a good one and only a few
months old,no viruses, had the registry checked, all the settings on
my Norton Internet Security have been ok'd,I can download anything
from anywhere except from one group within YAHOO.

I hope you don't mind but can I finally give you the details of
exactly what I do and what error messages I receive.

1. Member sends details of the link, which are normally music videos.

2. Connect to "EASY SHARING.COM" which shows the link to be
downloaded ( Says "Click Here To Download" )

(If I left click the link ERROR message " HTTP 404 Not Found "

3.Right Click on the link - Save Target As.

4. Initially appears to start downloading but then........


"Internet Explorer is not able to open this site. The Requested site
is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try later"

Thanks for your patience, I'm just hoping that someone will have the
answer, I will try ANYTHING as long as I can understand what I'm

Best regards,
Brian ( UK )

  skidzy 15:27 21 Jul 2006

The link you are trying to connect to may need to be shorter,try copying the link and paste into the box on this site click here and enter.You now have a shorter link. Then copy and paste the new address into your browser and enter.

This may work for you,but 100%.

  brinee 16:56 21 Jul 2006

Sorry tried that but same response, if it helps this is the link:

click here

  skidzy 20:25 21 Jul 2006

Try using firefox browser,it works fine for me in Firefox and IE,i wonder if you have a java issue going on.
click here
click here

Try these links first.

  brinee 16:38 22 Jul 2006


thanks for the links, Java already installed and working ok.

Read up a little on FIREFOX and decided to instal & guess what? the links/downloads now working fine!!

Don't really understand difference with Internet Explorer and for the moment I'll only use Firefox to download these links.

Is it worthwhile to change browser 100% and if so can I easily revert back,also I'm with AOL so do I have to change any "settings" anywhere?

Many thanks for your help,

regards, Brian

  DieSse 17:32 22 Jul 2006

*Is it worthwhile to change browser 100% and if so can I easily revert back*

Using Firefox is all you need to do to "change browser" - both FF and IE can exist side by side on your system - indeed you can use them both simultaneously for two web pages!.

So "changing browser 100%" only means using FF instead of IE - nothing more. You can actually use either at any time.

Personally I like the tabbed browsing in FF so much I now hardly ever use IE. And as for the new IEv7, I thought it's interface was just a mess, so I'll never use it, except when I need to check how web sites behave in it.

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