downloading a piece of music

  birkdalite 09:33 15 Jan 2004

A fiend asked me to get a single piece of music from the internet---Pavarotti singing "panis angellicus" It is something I have never tried before, can somebody please advise how to go about it,and what I will need to do it? Thanks.

  Al94 09:43 15 Jan 2004

You won't get advice here on "illegal" downloads, suggest buying CD here click here

  Forum Editor 09:51 15 Jan 2004

you to do birkdalite. At least, not if the request was that you download the music via a P2P file sharing system like KaZaa. It's illegal to download copyright-protected music without paying for it.

  keenan 10:36 15 Jan 2004

Heres the next best thing click here

  whatsupdoc 11:04 15 Jan 2004

maybe birkdalite didnt know it was illegal to download music under copyright. give him a break. if new users come in and see terse replys it doesnt look good.

  Al94 11:31 15 Jan 2004

Anyone who doesn't know must never read a paper, listen to news programmes, read PC Mags, talk to other computer users, surf the web, maybe such a beast exists, but I doubt it!!

  Djohn 11:51 15 Jan 2004

Hi, birkdalite. Not seen you in the forum for some time now. Hope you are well?

click here and scroll down to the bottom, You will see links to Virgin/HMV/MSN and freeserve also several other sites to download tracks for a small fee. All of them are legal and will not upset your PC. or your friend.

Keep well. j.

  Flaco 11:51 15 Jan 2004

Virgin have launched their online music downloading service click here. (You don't have to pay any subscription, but you need to purchase Credits off them. You can then download the music legally. The choices they give you are: -

1. Listen to 30 seconds for free to make sure it's what you want.
2. Pay 1 credit to Stream it to your PC so that you can listen to it all just once (and once only)
3. Pay 100 credits and download/save it to your PC, after which you can copy it to a CD if you want.

You may not find everything you want, but it's a good start.

A word about other download sites. Legal issues as in earlier posts, but apart from that, sites like Kazaa will ram your PC with spyware and adware, will drastically increase your chances of picking up a virus on your PC and unless you have the skill to turn your PC into Fort Knox, may allow miscreants to run riot inside your system remotely.

  Flaco 11:59 15 Jan 2004

I come across people all the time who don't really understand many of the issues surrounding illegal downloads, even though they do read newspapers, etc. Your comment was terse and not particularly useful.

  Forum Editor 12:29 15 Jan 2004

How someone only has to post a thread about downloading music, and in double quick time there's unpleasantness creeping in.

All that's necessary is to point out that it's illegal to download copyright-protected music without paying for it, and that we can't offer help or advice on the subject. That's all. If the person involved wants to know any more, he/she will undoubtedly say so.

  birkdalite 13:12 15 Jan 2004

Thank you F/E for sweet reason. As I attempted to point out I have no knowledge of this function at all ,but have heard of MP3 is this elegal ? I will now forget it and thanks to those who tried to explain the others can go back into the wood work

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