Downloading Pictures From Fuji Camera

  Whaty 16:33 24 May 2006

A friend bought a Fuji Finepix Z602 Zoom camera second hand with no software, he has a laptop running Windows XP. When he connects the camera to the laptop with the USB cable nothing happens.

We downloaded the drivers from the Fuji site (even though they say we shouldn't need them for Windows XP) but still nothing happens.

When I say nothing happens I mean the pop-up asking how you want to view the files doesn't appear, nor does the device show up in Explorer.

We tried on my laptop and it was fine, straight off. Connect the camera through the USB cable, turn the camera on, the pop-up appears and the camera shows up as a 'Mass Storage Device' in explorer. We can then remove the photo's no problem.

Any idea's why this doesn't work on my friends computer? Can this functionality be disabled somehow?


  anchor 09:34 26 May 2006

Fruit Bat /\0/
I did that many times with my Fuji, and still had problems; (true I had Win-ME at the time).

Wuggy is right nevertheless, it`s just not worth the effort; use a card reader. They are so cheap these days.

  Digital 19:37 26 May 2006

Whaty, re Anchor's reply, see the Aldi specials for Sunday 28th, there's a card reader there, one I've been using for a year or more. Hope there's an Aldi within reach of you.

  Whaty 13:57 30 May 2006

Thanks to all. My friend ordered a card reader from Amazon over the weekend, £7.50 + del..

I'm concerned that the problem is with his computer though and his computer will not recognise the card reader..!

The reason I say this is, I tried my USB drive and that didn't work either. After inserting it the usual messages appear in the task bar but the pop-up asking how you want to view the files doesn't appear and, once again, the USB drive cannot be seen in Explorer?

The USB ports seem to be working because the pop-ups appear in the task bar....


  [email protected] 17:03 30 May 2006

I had this problem and it was to do with Auto Run settings. I also got some help using auto fix click here
Which may or may not help you!!

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