Downloading picture message F.I.A.O the F.E. !

  curlylad 00:57 26 Feb 2005

Hi chaps getting a bit worried here , I logged onto PCA about 20 mins ago and since I have logged on , on the bottom of the web page in the status bar is this message 'Downloading picture click here' and the progress box shows what ever is downloading is about half done. What is downloading ? Is anyone else getting this message ? I am worried by the fact that part of the message reads 'tracker'.I have never had this appear before on this site or any other for that matter so what is going on ? Can the F.E shed any light on this ?

  LastChip 01:00 26 Feb 2005
  Thomo1 02:25 26 Feb 2005

i get the same m8 ever since i have been logging on since wednesday.

Read the click here but it makes me none the wiser as to whats happening so maybe F.E will reply.

  Gandalph 02:44 26 Feb 2005

I'm getting a message saying 'Downloading data from' whatever that is.

  ianeon 03:30 26 Feb 2005

I get the same thing - mine says it is a tracker from PCAdvisor at - When I investigate the IP address it comes up with Claranet - Geoff O'Connor, 85 Tottenham Court Road, +44(0)[email protected] - If I phone this number it comes back as not being recognised - I discovered a further address for Claranet, in Southampton Road, London, 02077685800 - When I phone this number it still comes up as not being recognised. This is slowing down my use of the PCA forum - very interesting!!

  Jeffers22 07:14 26 Feb 2005

Here too. What I do is hit the Stop button as soon as everything else is loaded and things are fine. A pain, but I can live with it until they either:

1. Get the correct url into the programming of the pages

2. The server it is trying to access gets back on line

  wiz-king 08:24 26 Feb 2005

it's a sneaky attempt by the 'powers that be (FE?)' to measure you BB useage so you can be charged more.
I am joking .... I think.

  ACOLYTE 10:45 26 Feb 2005

I dont get any thing like this on the Forum.I tried logging off and back on but couldnt see anything about downloading pictures,or anything else.

  Jeffers22 11:41 26 Feb 2005

Just come back on line and it seems to have gone after three days of being irritating. Coincidentally, the double load of the pca home page has als returned after 3 days. Related?

  curlylad 12:20 26 Feb 2005

ianeon-You've found out all the same stuff that I have , but it still doesn,t give an exact answer does it !

Jeffers22-That is how I have been stopping it , but again although stopping it is an answer of sorts , it doesn,t alter the fact that we shouldn't have to do this , it shouldn,t be happening in the first place.

Still no answer from the F.E. , perhaps dare I suggest it , that he is as in the dark over this as we are , maybe he would like to comment ?

  ashdav 14:05 26 Feb 2005


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