Downloading Norton Anti-Virus

  dublincity 12:25 07 May 2004

I had 2 attempts at downloading the trial version of Norton AV 2004. On both occasions the downloads were successful but the installations failed. Was that because I have Norton AV 2001 in place (and running extremely well)?

Usually, the biggies (e.g. Symantec, Microsoft, Adobe) seem to insist upon the use of their own download managers despite me having keyed in Fresh Download as my default Manager. Does anybody know if this can be altered?

I've just had a 3rd. attempt at Norton AV 2004 and was able to use Fresh Download after all. I've cancelled at 98%. There is a resumption facility. Can anybody advise me if I need to uninstall 2001 before continuing with the download and installation attempt? Many Thanks - Cheers. Mike.

  Shas 13:22 07 May 2004

When I tried to install Norton 2003 over the top of Norton 2000 I had loads of trouble and was told that it's best to uninstall the existing one first. Eventually had to do a manual uninstall of both versions, involving fiddling with the registry (scary!). Never could get the autoprotect feature in 2003 to fully install and ended up going back to 2000. Although I used discs not downloads, presumably the 'uninstall first' bit would still apply?

  expertec 13:54 07 May 2004

Definitely with Norton you should un-install before installing the new one

  Shas 14:19 07 May 2004

It would help if the software manufacturers made things clearer what to do, because the version of Norton 2003 I bought was actually badged as an 'upgrade'. Call it woman's logic if you like, but I figured that if I uninstalled the existing version there would be nothing on my system to upgrade from!

  rickimalone 14:29 07 May 2004

YES UNINSTALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure all common/shared files and reg keys are gone and should work fine had the same problem..................

  dublincity 16:10 07 May 2004

Many thanks to all. I successfully installed Norton AV 2004 trial after uninstalling Norton AV 2001. Cheers, Mike.

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