downloading lots of photos in one go

  mco 09:30 27 Dec 2006

Whenever my friend sends me a selection of photos (on hotmail) I have to download each one individually and save it - a pain if there are ten or more. Is there a way to download and save the lot in one go? I tried clicking on the 'attachment' icon but all that does would be to save the .gif. Many thanks. (I was using IE - could it be done in FIrefox or Opera ?)

  Peter 11:50 27 Dec 2006


You could ask your friend to zip all the photos up into one file, which you could download and unzip at your end.


  anchor 16:03 27 Dec 2006

I know what you mean when friends send lots of pictures to me.

I agree with Peter; zip, (or winrar), is the answer. They probably won`t be much smaller, but they will be all together in one file. You can them unzip them, and save them to your hard disk in one go.

  jack 16:37 27 Dec 2006

There are many ways of doing this - but not for you
It is up to the sender to get it sorted his end.
One of the best ways is to use an image host service.
Take a look at click here

take your time in reading what can be done, then pass it on toyour chum.

  jack 19:39 27 Dec 2006

Yuo should use on the the auto resizers when using a host as they have size limits too
I use Shrink Pic from click here

  mco 23:16 27 Dec 2006

My friend is an internet newbie and to be honest I'm impressed enough that he can even attach photos let alone zip them up or use an image host service! Never mind - thanks for the help all!

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