Downloading films from an analogue camcorder to PC

  OWENA 18:31 25 Jun 2003

I have an old canon analogue HI8 camcorder and haveise? been using a product called dazzle to download to films to the PC and then attempting to burn them onto CD. The results are rubbish. No colour no sound and not worth the effort. Am I doing something wrong? All the leads are connected correctly the results are still rubbish.Can anyone advise? Oh should anyone suggest buying a digital camcorder, I have today.I still need to load old Hi8 onto cds.
HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  AlanHo 21:02 25 Jun 2003

I struggled with Dazzle without success for some time before coming to the conclusion that in life you generally get what you pay for. I eventually gave up the struggle and bought a Pinnacle DC10 video card which cost about £100. This came with Pinnacle Studio 8 software. After some fiddling with BIOS settings and downloading software and graphic card upgrades it works perfectly. I can now edit my Sony Hi8 videos onto S-VHS or VHS cassettes without problems.

If you manage to get Dazzle working please keep it secret - I really don't want to know that I need not have spent 100 quid on Pinnacle DC10 etc.

  OWENA 00:32 26 Jun 2003

Where were you when the man in PC world told me Dazzle was all I,d ever need

How did you burn them to CDs?
Isnt dazzle a really bad name?
What Tweakings to the BIOS?

  y_not 06:25 26 Jun 2003

Although I haven't used it for a while.

From memory you capture as MPEG1's (a quality that make VHS look good!). The file then needs to be encoded to MPEG2 using something like TMPEnc.

Finally output it to your CD writer as an SVCD (NOT as a VCD) but this might involve buying the plug-in for your writing software.

This will allow 30 - 35 minutes of decent quality film - it won't be any better than the original and may not play on all DVD players but at least you'll know that the tape ain't going to screw up!

I don't think your problem is with Dazzle - more likely with the encoding/writing.

Email if you want more info.


  AlanHo 07:28 26 Jun 2003

I find with Pinnacle Studio 8 that video capture to a hard disc from an analogue or digital camera is quite straightforward. You can then easily edit your film(s)to your liking, add sound, stills, titles and scene transitions etc then preview the results before outputting your work to whichever media you choose.

Studio 8 can output to tape, Video CD (34 minutes max) or DVD if you have a DVD burner. It can convert to AVI or MPEG and can create media streaming files for the web - all at the click of a mouse.

My computer happens to be only a few months old and the Pinnacle software installed with few problems. However - a friend has a 2 year old computer and could not get Pinnacle working without upgrading his graphics card.

  OWENA 17:26 26 Jun 2003

Thanks the problem may lie in the conversion or lack of it. How do I convert the film from its form from the Camcorder to mpeg 2?

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