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  cass27 22:47 25 Apr 2003

I have recently built my own PC (with the help of a very knowledgable friend!). Soon after I booted up Windows XP error message came saying that my graphics card was not acceptable to the system (or something) and it may make the OS unstable. I decided to take the chance. The card is a Gainward GeForce 4 power pack Ti 4200. However since then my screen which has been fine has begun to get jumpy and now the game that came with the card has started crashing. Then the computer crashed and error message said "serious problem" and directed me towards nvidia driver updates. However there are a lot there. Are they Primary Drivers I would download? Do Iopen or Save? Help! just worried about this,...exopensive card etc. etc. If there is anyone out there can point an idiot in the right direction I would appreciate it.

  PSF 23:06 25 Apr 2003

click here

These are the latest detonator drivers for your card.

Save them to your hard drive do not open them from the site. Do not use a download accelerator to download the drivers.

You need to un-install the drivers first and then install the ones from above.

Disable your anti-virus when you install the drivers.

  PSF 23:12 25 Apr 2003

click here and download this tool, with this you can set your refresh rate to work in your games. At the moment XP only runs games @ 60HZ with this tool you can set it to 85Hz or whatever to want to run at. I find 85Hz to be the best setting.

If you have a Via motherboard are you using the latest 4 in 1 drivers click here .

  cass27 09:43 26 Apr 2003

Thanks I shall try your advice. But you say I have to uninstall the drivers I have at the moment. How do I do this? Also once the new drivers are on the hard drive are they "installed" so to speak?



  PSF 13:41 26 Apr 2003

You can un-install them from the control panel.
The drivers you downloaded to your hard drive have to be installed. If you click on the icon of the downloaded driver the driver installation will then take over.

  cass27 19:54 26 Apr 2003

I went into control panel to uninstall drivers and thought I had uninstalled all of them. On installing new drivers got message: previous drivers on machine. Looked all over for them couldn't find. Even uninstalled game. Same message. Went ahead and installed anyway. Recieved same message that windows XP has not passed logo test and not to install? Any final ideas.

Thanks for your time.

  PSF 20:07 26 Apr 2003

click here , this program will remove previous drivers for you.

The drivers are not fully certified by Microsoft, I am using those drivers at the moment and have had no problems with them.
I am using a GF4 TI4600 128mb.

  bab5 20:08 26 Apr 2003


Just ignore the message and install the drivers anyway, the link you have been giving to the NVIDIA’s Detonator drivers is the one you need, just download then and follow PSF advice on installing them.

hopfully this should sort out your problems for you,


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