downloading drivers for micronet router Windows 7

  joosull 19:36 27 Feb 2010

I have had to reset my Micronet wireless router (SP907GK) and want to secure it. I think the reason I can't is that with a brand new hard drive there is no driver for the router on my lap top. I have intalled Windows 7 and now I can't use the CD's that came with the router to install the driver. attempting to download one from the Micronet website produced a fairly scary warning message. with no obvious way of contacting micronet to find out,does anyone know if it is possible to down load a driver? thank you!

  MAJ 19:55 27 Feb 2010

You shouldn't need drivers, plug the router in to the computer via ethernet cable and connect to it's config page and enter your settings that way.

  Miké 20:15 27 Feb 2010

Clicking one or other of click here or click here when connected to router by ethernet cable, should take you to the admin page.

  joosull 19:06 28 Feb 2010

Thank you! I conected to the router via an ethernet cable and tried to access it using, so I could set the security on it.....but still couldn't access the router....any more ideas? am I doing not doing something obvious?

  Devil Fish 19:31 28 Feb 2010

to connected to router

open browser in the adress bar type http:// followed by router ip adress you should then get a display asking for user name and password

if you are still using default user name and password this info will be in its manual

  joosull 19:39 28 Feb 2010

I know this might sound a bit daft but don't know it's IP address. no idea where to find it.

  joosull 20:52 28 Feb 2010

I know this might sound a bit daft but don't know it's IP address. no idea where to find it.

  100andthirty 21:00 28 Feb 2010

the number you've given is for a Micronet USB wireless adaptor. If you type yhe model number into Google, the first hit is Micronet's web site.
From there you can navigate to the page for the driver - if that's what you want.

For convenience the link is here:

click here

  joosull 21:01 28 Feb 2010

I understand the IP address ought to be on the base of the router but it isn't.

  100andthirty 21:05 28 Feb 2010


(no edit on this site that I can find)

the driver for this USB adaptor is dated 2004; predates Vista, let alone Win 7. Perhaps time for a new wireless adaptor?

something like this?

click here

  100andthirty 21:08 28 Feb 2010

have you tried this address?

click here

You said you'd tried

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