Downloading Drivers.

  Meshuga 16:46 28 Aug 2004

While browsing I came across a company called drivers headquarters and they ran a free scan on my pc and said that 45% of my drivers needed updating (for a fee, naturally). Has anyone any knowledge of the validity of this company and would it be safe to go ahead with it. Is there any known company doing the same thing for free.I dont mind paying if it`s worth it ($29+Usd). Meshuga.My os is XP Home.SP2 installed.

  no-name 16:54 28 Aug 2004

Meshuga they are a 'safe' company.

I've used them in the past and they've updated some drivers for me, but I ignore BIOS upgrade type recommendations.

  Meshuga 17:02 28 Aug 2004

Many thanks for responding. After running the scan they indicate which need updating but there doesn`t seem to be any way of indicating any that you dont want to do. Is this so.Meshuga.

  Totally-braindead 19:36 28 Aug 2004

I used to update my drivers to the latest versions as soon as they came out. I no longer do this as it caused me no end of problems when one of the new drivers clashed with some of my software, I wait a bit to see if theres any problems before updating anything. I'm doing the same with SP2, waiting to see what problems arise before I update, as well as not being bothered to download it, waiting for it on next months coverdisk and even then I might wait a bit. Personally I wouldn't download anything from for one of these update sites, especially if they wanted money. If I wanted to check on a new driver I'd go to the manufacturers websites.

  no-name 21:07 28 Aug 2004

Meshuga they show the date/version number of your drivers and the latest versions and the you choose what you want updated.

  no-name 21:17 28 Aug 2004

Meshuga I update video card, hardware etc drivers but steer clear of things like hard disc controllers - for similar reasons as Totally-braindead.

Totally-braindead "If I wanted to check on a new driver I'd go to the manufacturers websites" - that's OK if you've got the time and inclination - this identifies for you all drivers that can be updated.

  Meshuga 21:22 28 Aug 2004

What I think i will do is run another scan and note which drivers they say want updating (6 of them) and then go to each manufacturers site and download. I did try regeristing with them earlier but they said my credit card was declined. Have to contact the bank about that. Many thanks for your response. Regards, Meshuga.

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