downloading digital photos on XP

  weeme 13:17 20 Jul 2003

Help appreciated......normally when I download photos to my PC (via a card reader)a 'Camera and Scanner Wizard would appear and offer me choices on what to do with the images. However the last couple of times I've downloaded photos I get a folder called DCIM appearing then I've to open this and a Fuji 100 folder appears which I again have to open to obtain the images. Why is this happening? (I recently installed then uninstalled WorksSuite 2001)would this have affected it?? I have tried right-clicking on 'removable disc', going to 'properties' and changing the 'autoplay' preferences but not helping.
Is there any way I can get rid of this DCIM folder?? Thanks in advance (please reply in simple terminology!!)

  graham√ 13:42 20 Jul 2003

When you changed the Autoplay settings, did you select Pictures, Copy pictures to a folder, and then click Apply?

  weeme 18:23 20 Jul 2003

Graham, Yes i have tried what you suggested. in fact i've tried each one of the options individually and tried 'Prompt each time ...atc' but to no avail!
Do you know what a DCIM is??

  Pauper 19:09 20 Jul 2003

The information on the card is filed in the same way as your pc - in a file tree, the folder 'DCIM' is the first folder on the card, it is created by the camera, inside this folder is the folder (or folders) which contain the images, in this case 'fuji 100'. Most cameras use this system and it can be seen when looking at the card via windows explorer as you are having to do now, with your previous method the pc went straight to the folder containing the images which is why you have not seen it before. Can't solve your problem, but I hope the info helps to explain what you are seeing.

  jazzypop 19:19 20 Jul 2003

There is an agreed standard called DCF -

"DCF (Design rule for Camera File system) is a standard aimed at ensuring compatibility among the file systems used in digital still cameras (DSC), printers and other devices, so that images can be exchanged among them using removable media.

The same data can also be accessed by the OS or application software on a PC, by inserting the media in a suitable PC drive.

The aim of this guideline is to ensure a high level of usability when media recorded on DCF-compatible devices are accessed by PC software"

Source - click here

One of the components of DCF is that removable storage (such as camera memory cards) hold their pictures within a folder called DCIM (DCf IMage root directory).

In other words, nowadays all cameras should store photos on their memory cards within a folder called DCIM. It's just an agreed standard, that helps interoperability between hardware (digital cameras) and software (Windows).

  graham√ 19:21 20 Jul 2003

DCIM is the root folder which contains the pics, Digital Camera Image M...? or something.

Maybe you could try System Restore to before Works 2001.

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