Downloading Christmas themes and screensavers

  Rhuddlan 18:31 13 Dec 2003

Can anyone tell me where do I place the themes and screensavers once I have downloaded them off the Internet, I know where the desktop backgrounds go, but can't seem to find a folder for the themes or screensavers, many thanks, Rhuddlan.

  powerless 18:35 13 Dec 2003


  powerless 18:36 13 Dec 2003

Hold up, where you getting these from?

  PurplePenny 18:42 13 Dec 2003

Be careful - a friend at work downloaded a seemingly innocuous Christmas screensaver and has been plagued with hijacked homepage and unwanted tool bars ever since.


  Rhuddlan 14:50 14 Dec 2003

I am getting from a website called, recommended by the Windows xp magazine.

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