Downloading AVG gave me a virus?!!

  crazycam 18:04 16 Feb 2009

About a month a go I got a new pc and first time on the net installed a full free trial version of the latest AVG. That was due to expire today so last night I downloaded and installed AVG free. On installation there was an offer (Trial pay) to upgrade for a year to the full version of 8.0.237.

Since doing this I have encountered some problems. When I restart the pc it gets stuck on the screen with the option to enter the bios. This is obviously only meant to appear for a short time then proceed to normal start up. Since installing the avg software it tends to stay on this page. If I enter the bios then exit it goes to the XP loading screen and again gets stuck there without proceeding.

The second problem I encountered this morning. Started up as normal however when it reached the desktop the mouse (USB) cursor was going mental. Only reacted slightly if the mouse was moved in any direction with constant flickering all over the place. I restarted but encountered the problem detailed above. This happened a couple of times.

Now restarted with a serial mouse and booted up fine no problems with cursor, however was asked to restart so that mouse software install could complete and again it got stuck on the bios entry screen. Turned off and on again then ran a full scan using the installed AVG - no threats found at all.

Being a novice this is not only confusing but highly annoying.

Can anyone help?

  brundle 18:21 16 Feb 2009

Change to Avast or Antivir if problems continue, though your PC getting "stuck at the BIOS" screen is nothing to do with Windows. click here

  crazycam 18:42 16 Feb 2009

do you think the usb mouse problem would be related? Should i uninstall avg?

  crazycam 18:46 16 Feb 2009

what would cause the problem with the start up?

  T I M B O 18:51 16 Feb 2009

If you are going to do what Brundle reccomends, then yes you must remove AVG and install either Avast or Antivir, you can't have 2 antivirus software running side by side. Best get 1 thing sorted then move on tothe next problem.

  brundle 18:57 16 Feb 2009

USB problem - if it happens once, never mind - if it keeps happening try a different port, another mouse.
Problems at start up could be the mouse playing up...or wireless keyboard, hard-drive or power supply problems, a whole range of things. Some of it depends on your actual hardware. I don't want to alarm you, just make you aware of how many possibilities there are, without more to go on.

Good point Timbo, I should have remembered to mention that...

  crazycam 20:42 16 Feb 2009

The problem with the usb mouse occurs in every port. The only other mouse I have is a serial one which works fine. Other usb devices seem to be working fine too.

The start up problem is puzzling. When booted up from being switched off there does not seem to be a problem. It is only when being restarted that the problems are encountered. It will not proceed unless the bios is entered. On the black screen with white text (sorry you can tell I'm a novice) that shows before the bios there is a message that says "secondary slave hard disk error" at the bottom after all the other drives etc have been detected. If I resume then exit bios then the next problem arises as stat up will not proceed past the Windows XP loading screen.

This doesn't seem to make sense as when booted up from scratch the drive in question appears to be operating fine. The set up I have is a SATA hard drive with the OS on, then a DVD drive as the IDE master and an IDE hard drive as the slave.

There have been no problems since I have had the pc, only since last night after downloading and installing AVG.

I have also noticed that firefox seems to be encountering problems that requires closure on a number of occasions, this is abnormal.

What do you recommend I do in terms of tackling the problems. Remove AVG then test usb mouse, then install Antivir? Any ideas on the hard disk error message?

  crazycam 21:14 16 Feb 2009

Have removed the slave drive and it seems to have solve the problem with start up after reset...

  Technotiger 21:17 16 Feb 2009

I downloaded and installed the free AVG8 for a friend today, everything went very smoothly.

  crazycam 21:32 16 Feb 2009

you didnt do the upgrade offer? I'm beginning to regret it now.

  Technotiger 21:34 16 Feb 2009

No, just the latest Free AVG8. Which I also use myself.

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