Downloading antivirus to laptop

  collinsc 10:47 22 Aug 2007

An easy one... perhaps

ive never actually connected my laptop to the pc-i assume i just need a conenction wire and then i can download an antivirus on to the PC HD and transfer it over to the laptop?

  Kate B 11:17 22 Aug 2007

What are you trying to do - install antivirus? Connect the laptop to the web? Connection wire to connect what to what? Bit more detail, please.

  collinsc 11:28 22 Aug 2007

basically i want to be able to wirelessly connect to our PC. I have a 3 month antivirus trial- so am covered for a bit.

on second thoughts therefore... i can connect up wirelessly and when it runs out renew it with free antivirus.

therefore i want to connect to the PC wirelessly- ill give the support line a call- i tried and failed before to do it myself

  Strawballs 11:43 22 Aug 2007

If you want to connect the laptop to the PC wirelessly without a router you need an ad hoc connection click here

  collinsc 11:47 22 Aug 2007

cheers- no i do have a router- but i thought " i cant connect to wirelessly without antivirus"
but then i remembered i have a 3 month trial- so i can

  Kate B 12:15 22 Aug 2007

There's nothing to stop you connecting without antivirus, but you'd have to be extremely careful about your browsing; and I'd suggest using Firefox with various extensions including noscript and adblock installed to stop malicious scripts running. Though having said that, antivirus won't stop a script installing a trojan, you need other software to do that.

There is a school of thought that says a combination of common sense and careful browsing should mean you don't need loads of antimalware, but I think in general it's not a good idea to on the net without protection.

  collinsc 12:21 22 Aug 2007

ok- so say i connect up now with my 3 month antivirus- symantec i think
and then i install some free antivirus/firewall- i should be OK.... ish...

as you say- needs some sensible browsing- i hate all those sites with scantily clad women...

  Kate B 12:42 22 Aug 2007

Don't install more than one antivirus app. Personally I'd uninstall the Symantec offering and go for a combination of either Avast or AVG for AV (I now prefer the former); Windows Defender (which comes with Vista) and Superantispyware to run in real time (and I'm sure others will have further suggestions); and on top of those do regular scans with A Squared, Spybot and Adaware. And use Firefox.

  collinsc 12:50 22 Aug 2007

thanks for suggestions.

firefox is a browser yes? can i use this? doesnt vista have its own one?

is firefox safer then?

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