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Downloadhelper not working?

  hiwatt 16:14 05 Jan 2015

Hi folks,I ocassionaly use Downloadhelper to download videos from youtube but the last few times I've tried to use it the icon is greyed out and there is no "media" option to download from.It just doesn't work.I've updated to the latest version etc.Anyone else having similar problems? What would be the best alternative? Thanks folks.

  hiwatt 16:38 05 Jan 2015

That's the one Jock1e.It's called downloadhelper.It's an addon for firefox and so can only be uninstalled via firefox.

  AroundAgain 17:35 05 Jan 2015

I've noticed that some YouTube videos are not available for download using DownloadHelper so I've assumed the 'owner' of the video has set it as such.

I've often then been able to download same video clip using Dirpy, at, which you don't download, just put the url into the appropriate box on the Dirpy site. Usually, between one or the other, it is possible to download the video clip.

  hiwatt 20:36 05 Jan 2015

I don't know what the problem is with download helper but it isn't anything to do with the uploaded video settings.It won't download my own uploads even,it's not giving the option to download any videos at all?

  AroundAgain 21:04 05 Jan 2015

Thanks for trying to post a link, Jock1e. I've just used your 'keywords' and have downloaded a Firefox addon, ready for when I have a problem. I hadn't realised such existed :)

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