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  podlod 07:05 28 Sep 2008

Hi, I have just downloaded a free banking package and I wish to place this software in TruCrpyt which I already have. I am not sure on how to do this as the banking software is in programs, and if and when I can transfer if over which hopefully you can explain how, will it not delete when I take it out of programs?

  mgmcc 09:06 28 Sep 2008

If the "banking package" is a program which has been installed by running, for example, a Setup.exe file, it will have been installed in its own folder within "C:\Program Files" with *ALL RELEVANT REGISTRY ENTRIES* pointing to that location. If you move its folder from within "Program Files", it may fail to run properly.

  podlod 09:37 28 Sep 2008

Hi, I have downloaded the package to my E drive, not in C drive but it is still in my programs after I click start?

  Belatucadrus 10:33 28 Sep 2008

If you've still got the downloaded installation file, try running it again and see if there's a custom entry option that'll let you select where the software is installed to instead of the usual C/Program Files option.

  podlod 08:23 30 Sep 2008

Hi Belatucadras, god your name is a mouthful!!!
thanks for the info, but where is the best place to download it too?

  Belatucadrus 09:11 30 Sep 2008

Well I leave the "download" location to your personal preference, but try installing the banking package to the Truecrypt folder to see if it'll run from within it. If that doesn't work, have a look at the Options within the banking program, assuming it has any and try see if it can be set to store data in the trucrypt folder.

  podlod 16:16 30 Sep 2008

Hi, I downloaded the software to trucrypt but no good, and I did not know where to place it for the best? I do not find it any use if I cannot secure it with a password, as it leaves it open for anyone to get to.

  DieSse 16:27 30 Sep 2008

You can't encrypt software.

Surely it expects a password to let you get into any main part of the software?

Hide the desktop icon, and take it out of the Programs lists. Before you do check what you would have to find or type in to make it run.

  podlod 16:32 30 Sep 2008

Hi Diesse, I understand what your saying regarding delete icon, but if I take it out of the programs surely it will stop the icon from working that I have placed in truCrypt? could you please explain in more simple terms?

  DieSse 17:25 30 Sep 2008

Take it out of the Programs list - not the Programs folder - is what I mean. So that no-one can simply spot it to start it - they'd have to go hunting around for the executable.

How much security do you need?

Why don't you make it only available to Administrators, and not Users?

  podlod 14:11 01 Oct 2008

Hi Diesse, that sounds a good idea, can you give me some idea on how to make it available to myself ( administrator ) sounds better!

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