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  Les 08:50 08 Feb 2007

Some weeks ago I downloaded a small file (probably an .msi file, the purpose of which was, when the cursor was hovered over a minimised program a email sized picture of that program was shown - just like Vista has. The trouble is that I have forgotton where I had it from and what it's name was - I blame old age g> - anyone have a clue what it was - I'm sure that a lot of forum members could make use of it - very handy!

  terryf 09:24 08 Feb 2007

Do you know where you downloaded it to? Do a search for files and folders called *.msi with dates between now and (say) 2 weeks ago. or file called *.* for the same period. You will get lots of hits with the *.* and you will just have to weed through them.

  Les 12:34 08 Feb 2007

I will do that now - I thought that someone may have downloaded the same file and, unlike me, remembered the filename. Thanks for the reply - as I said, I'll look and, if I find it, I'll post back with it.

  cocteau48 12:43 08 Feb 2007

Is it similar to this:
click here

  Fingees 12:53 08 Feb 2007

As a matter of interest, I always download to desktop, so as to find it.

I then put it into a download folder.

It helps me with my aging memory.

All the best.

  Les 17:13 08 Feb 2007

I'm afraid not - but it looks interesting! I've bookmarked it. No, the file I want to find actually puts up an email picture above a button on the taskbar (the button which shows a mininised program) - very useful for people like myself and, dare I say it, Fingees 8-)

Fingees: That is my habit too, unfortunately the titles often don't reflect the purpose of the file and I've absolutely no idea what the filename was - and I have a heck of a lot.

Sorry for the delay but my neighbours child has had a day off (school closed and she is an MSN Messenger devotee!!)) Meanwhile,I'll continue to search for it, but I'm afraid that the odds against finding it are rather high. One of these days I'll have the sense to rename the downloaded file to something descriptive - er, one of these days <g>

Thanks to all.

  Technotiger 17:20 08 Feb 2007

I'm intrigued - what is an email sized picture? Or do you mean 'Thumbnail' sized picture!

  Les 18:29 08 Feb 2007

Yes, you are correct, they are indeed thumbnail.

I've been lucky in my search (thanks to Fingees mentioning My Downloads. I had been looking for a .msi program - I was mistaken, it was in fact an .exe! I found a file named 'VisualTaskTips_21.exe'. in the My Downloads folder. I tried to install it to see what it actually was but a box informed me that I had to uninstall the program first. Did that and rebooted. Brought up a program, minimized it and ran the cursor over it - no thumbnail. Installed it again and rebooted. This time a minimized program on the task bar did yield a thumbnail. So thanks Fingees - had you not mentioned it I preobably wouldn't have looked 8-))

To give it a try click here

  Technotiger 18:35 08 Feb 2007

So you don't lose it again, I would suggest 'Add to Favourites'


  Les 18:37 08 Feb 2007

You bet I will - I can't expect to have that kind of luck again, that's for sure!<g>

Thanks to all.

  cocteau48 23:32 08 Feb 2007

What a super little prog Les - thanks.

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