downloaded program files

  pat2068 14:12 30 Dec 2004

i have lost all my downloaded program files i scanned with pitstop last night and they have gone since then i can access all the sites windows xp sp1 please help me get them back thanks leo

  JIM 14:22 30 Dec 2004

pitstop scan will not delete or cause any loss of downloaded programs or files.Have you done a search via find files for your programs or looked for the folder where they were stored?

Have you done a systems restore, back before doing the pitstop scan to see if all is there?

  pat2068 14:26 30 Dec 2004

no restore point before they were there before i ran pitstop havent done anything else anthing i download now dosent came up in downloaded program files can someone tell me how to get them back leo

  JIM 14:54 30 Dec 2004

Do you have another account name on your system to open and to check for lost programs.Also try the safe mode select/admin and look from in there.

  pat2068 18:13 30 Dec 2004

no i am the only account on the computer is there anyway i can fix this without a reformat please help thanks leo

  JIM 18:16 30 Dec 2004

Have you tried looking for programs via the safe mode yet?

  ACOLYTE 18:25 30 Dec 2004

Im not sure what you mean but there is a folder on my pc called download program files in c/windows it contains active x apps,is this what you mean?

  pat2068 18:26 30 Dec 2004

i have tried safe mode to no avail i am not even getting the option to say wether i trust the sites or not please help leo

  pat2068 18:29 30 Dec 2004

yes acolyte that is it but mine is empty now and anything i download doesnt go there either i dont no if its a setting or not thanks leo

  ACOLYTE 18:38 30 Dec 2004

I think its an IE security option to allow IE pluggins and active x so i would think it a setting there that has changed,if when you did pcpitstop you clicked the option to allow them to mend it.

  pat2068 18:51 30 Dec 2004

i did can you tell me what i can do to fix it i am not very good with these things please thanks leo

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