downloaded drivers for mp3 what next?

  march 10:21 16 Jan 2006

Have wins98 & I am trying to load music onto an mp3 player for a friend, windows could not find the drivers needed, so now having found what’s needed I have downloaded them as a zip file into ‘my docs’. The mp3 is an ‘ultimate products ea/sb494790/air’

I have opened the zip file & don’t know what I need to do; do I open, extract, or install the drivers? Or do I just need to plug in the mp3 player & windows will find the drivers in ‘my docs’ without having to install anything?
Can someone tell me what I have to do next please?

Already have audiograbber installed that I use for other mp3 players will I need to use this for this particular player?

Also if I have to install anything will I be able to uninstall easily if I wanted to?

Thanks in advance, march

  recap 10:34 16 Jan 2006

Yes, make sure they go into the correct folder for the device.

  march 10:53 16 Jan 2006

hello recap

thanks for the reply, but really don't know what I'm doing here; not very comp lit at all, if I install, what's & where's 'the correct folder for the device'?

  recap 10:55 16 Jan 2006

You would need to look in Explorer to find the folder.

To do this, right click the start button and select Explore. In the left hand pane you will see the tree structure of your C: drive. Navigate down to the folder you are after and place the driver in there. All folders in the tree structure are in alphabetical order.

  march 11:36 16 Jan 2006

done as you say but cannot see a folder that I would need to select (think this is all a bit over my head)

  Chegs ®™ 11:40 16 Jan 2006

I would just unzip the driver file,then when you plugin the MP3 device and windows asks for the driver,just browse to the unzipped folder and windows should do the rest.

  march 12:03 16 Jan 2006

Chegs ®™

do I select 'extract to'& take it from there?

  Chegs ®™ 12:09 16 Jan 2006

Which app do you use for handling zip files?

  march 12:12 16 Jan 2006


  Chegs ®™ 12:30 16 Jan 2006

Create a New Folder just for the unzipped files,extract the zipped driver to it,plugin the MP3 device,when 98 asks for a driver browse to the folder containing the driver files and windows should take over from there.Unless the extracted driver files contain an "setup.exe" in which case you just run that before connecting the device.

  march 12:40 16 Jan 2006

yes Chegs ®™,there is a 'setup.exe' file so I just click & install that should I & not extract/install anything else?

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