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  whiskey123 20:22 15 Feb 2013

Hi Guys, I need some advice please, I am currently having a website built and wanted to allow users the ability to upload various profiles for real estate agents by the office administrator. The office administrator loads all the listings and would need to add a uploaded an agents profile against the listing containing contact details and contactable by clicking on their e mail address or visiting their website by clicking. I don't want all the agents details stored on our site but would want this to be stored on the administrators PC. OK what i had in mind was a standard type business card layout that had limited editing,just change photo, name,contact details but because we have different real estate agencies, the business card must be the same layout for all. so here is the question is it possible to create a template that would work with something like word that could be downloaded from our site which would allow the office administrator to create and store many profiles on their pc, then have the profile they want uploaded to our site. Our website builders are scratching thieir heads at the moment,so any advice would be great . Thanks Colin

  LastChip 13:53 16 Feb 2013

I'm a little uncertain as to what you're trying to achieve, but if my understanding is correct, you want a form for your administrator to enter estate agents details. Once entered, you then want to display this information on your website.

If that's correct, you need to create a database, a form in your administration area and a php call on your website page.

Use the form for your administrator to enter the details which will be written to the database and then use the php call to render the agents details.

By using unique ID's for each agent, you can create a field (php call) on your website page (only visible to your administrator) to enter the agents unique ID. This in turn will render the appropriate details, formatted in whatever way you wish via css.

The database can contain as many fields as you like, including profiles with unique ID's but tied to a particular agents ID, thus by using a php call, anything tied to the agents ID would be rendered.

It's pretty similar to how Wordpress or some of the more simple e-commerce sites work.

I would be very wary about letting users have direct access. Let them post a profile by all means, but subject to it being moderated by your administrator prior to being published.

Frankly, you're talking about some potentially fairly complex coding and it may be better to either drop the idea, or move to a content management system, where much of this functionality is built in.

Joomla seems to be a favourite amongst estate agents, though I personally have never used it.

  jonasmarsh621 07:36 18 Feb 2013

If that is a bit too much for you to handle then you can try out web design companies. There are a lot of them out there.

  whiskey123 00:31 19 Feb 2013

Thanks Guys ,we are having a site built for us and were looking for an easy way for our builders to add this function I was thinking that a business card uploaded by the estate agency could be placed on each listing as they already have edit facilities for their listings and wast sure of the best way to go thanks

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