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  simongy 20:48 31 Aug 2003

I have a dial up isp, with 56k modem. Does having greater memory, bigger hard drive and faster processor make the downloading of files quicker?
thks in advance...

  powerless 20:51 31 Aug 2003


Only a faster connection will make a difference.

Also if your surfing at the sametime whilst downloading this will also slow the download down. So it is best just to let it download and do nothing else this way it will be fast. Also downlaoding in the early morning is ideal as the americans are sleeping.

  soy 21:06 31 Aug 2003

You can speed up downloads by using a download manager. I use Stardownloader click here. Stardownloader helps speeds up downloads by splitting the download into multiple smaller files and downloads all small files at the same time.

Some people will say that download managers don't work but I truly have seen speed increases in my downloads. Wouldn't hurt to try though, huh?

  simongy 21:11 31 Aug 2003

cheers powerless and soy: I will just have to wait till we get broadband in grimsby, whenever that will be: anyone got any ideas when that will be?? GY is in N E Lincs.

  yonex24562 22:10 31 Aug 2003

click here and enter your details. hope this helps

  simongy 09:53 01 Sep 2003

cheers to everyone.

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