Download speeds with Netgear WPN824

  sheraton 08:46 19 Aug 2008

I recently upgraded my Virgin internet download speed to 20Mbps. When my computer is connected directly to the modem I get the full download speed. But when I connect my computer via the Netgear router my download speed drops to about 9Mbps. This is a hard wired installation. Netgear support suggested changing chanels but with no improvement. I have the latest firmware installed. Looks like I am wasting my money on the Virgin XL service. Any suggestions?

  howard64 08:54 19 Aug 2008

perhaps the netgear cannot handle that speed and you will need to buy newer stuff. Make sure you specify that you need to connect to a cable modem and quote the speed. Any firm agreeing to your spec should refund if it does not do it. You could ask Virgin support what equipment is compatable with theirs.

  sheraton 09:10 19 Aug 2008

Thanks howard for your reply.
I have contacted Netgear and they have not advised me that my router cannot handle 20Mbps. But then, they wouldn't, would they?
The router is 2yrs 4 mths old (a long time for electronic equipment). Virgin support say they cannot enter into discussions on other products.
I think I must accept the lower performance and perhaps degrade my Virgin subscription.

  sinbads 11:09 19 Aug 2008

Have you upgraded the firmware check the version you have (should be a label on the base of the router V? )

select from the list click here download to desktop (you may need to unzip the folder) Open your router configuration select router upgrade brouse to your unzipped folder on the desktop and run the upgrade allow to finish do not terminate the process, follow the guides until complete.

  sheraton 12:09 19 Aug 2008

Thanks sinbads.
Unfortunately Netgear appear to have discontinued support for WPN824 (under 3 yrs old) and there are no firmware updates. I have had this confirmed on the Netgear Forum. Looks like I have to buy a new router but it won't be a Netgear!

  sinbads 12:18 19 Aug 2008

Ok worth a try mine is the DG834G never had any problems had it several years now. but yes a new router would probably solve your problem

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